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Symbiotic Energy LLC has developed a unique patented process where by we recover all of the energy and mineral value in organic waste streams. Using a gas/solid distillation process, we strip all of the organics out of the material fed to our fractional distillation system and combust the gaseous fuel in a stationary boiler thus replacing a portion of the boiler’s conventional fuel. 

Specifically, we are taking tires at our first facility to recover the energy value from the rubber component while the resultant recovered steel is sent to a metal recycling facility.  During the operation, no tires are stored on the ground.  All are kept in enclosed trucks until loaded into the material handling side of the system. 

This new process reduces the amount of waste going to the landfills, reduces the use of conventional fuels for the end user, reduces the boiler’s carbon footprint, reduces the boilers NOx emissions,  reclaims all of the organic and mineral value of the waste material.


Breaking News

January 21, 2011:   Michigan South Central Power Agency (MSCPA) of Litchfield, MI, was certified today as an Ohio Renewable Energy Resource Generating Facility today.  This is based on the use of Symbiotic Energy's patented tire fractionation process.

This certificate allows MSCPA to produce Renewable Energy Credits (REC's).  By the use of alternative fuels to generate power, they are also meeting the federal mandate to use other than conventional fuels.



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