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In 1978, the principals of Symbiotic Energy believed that high-energy users, such as cement kilns, could recover the energy value in waste materials that were being land filled or burned in incinerators without heat recovery.  With that in mind, the first successful commercial alternative fuels program was initiated at the General Portland Cement facility in Paulding Ohio and is still in operation today.   That facility as visited by other innovators from Europe and became the model for the European Union’s alternative fuels program.

In the mid 80’s those same principals knew that shredded tires were being used as an alternative fuel to coal in those same kilns.  Believing that the incentive was to save energy rather than put energy into chipping the tires, these pioneers developed methods to burn whole tires by directly injecting them into the kilns.  Using this technology, not only the heat value was recovered but the mineral and steel in the tires were recovered in the process since cement manufacturing requires the use of clays and iron.

More recently, the professionals at Symbiotic have developed a new and unique method of recovering the energy value out of whole tires.  They have been issued one patent with a second pending for this novel process know as waste "fractionation".  Using this technology, the tires are suspended in a high temperature, low oxygen, gas slip stream from a boiler.  The organics in the tires are vaporized and the remaining char breaks into small pieces and together they are carried into the burning zone of a boiler where they are combusted, thus replacing a portion of coal .  The steel, in turn, is removed from the system and sent offsite to be recycled.  Thus all of the fuel value and steel in the tires are recycled or reused.

Thirty three years ago, Symbiotic Energy’s principal’s were the key to the development of Cement Kiln Resource Recovery.  Today, we look forward to applying our technology to the use in power plants and again lead the way to providing a disposal option for spent materials that encompasses the concepts of recycling, recovery and sustainable development.

Through the use of this technology, the end user is providing a source for the recycling of the energy and steel portion of the used tires.  By also providing this management method, the breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents is removed protecting the community from the spread of related diseases.


Symbiotic’s principals have successfully developed environmentally safe alternative fuel systems through out the world.  We look forward to continuing to develop and promote environmentally sound ways to manage waste materials in producing alternative fuels for high energy consuming industries.


The Symbiotic Management Team consists of:

Mike Linton – President
Dale Van Fossen – V.P. Engineering
Robert Thieman – V.P. Sales and Marketing
Robert L. Kohnen – V.P. R&D

Bert L. Schipholt – V.P. International Sales

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